Master of Science in Occupational Therapy -Curriculum

Semester 1 (Fall)

OT 522    Foundations of Occupational Therapy
OT 523    Therapeutic Occupation
OT 524    Occupation and Movement
OT 525    Fundamentals of Scholarly Inquiry
OT 526    Foundational Case Groups I
OT 527    Community Application with Individuals

Semester 2 (Spring)

OT 620    Scholarly Inquiry: Design and Analysis
OT 532    Neuro-Occupation
OT 534    Analysis of Health and Occupation
OT 535    Management and Systems in OT Settings
OT 536    Foundational Case Groups II
OT 537    Community Application in Systems

Semester 3 (Fall)

OT 530    Scholarly Inquiry: Program Development and Evaluation
OT 623    OT in Biomechanical and Neurological Practice
OT 624    OT in Mental Health Practice
OT 625    Occupational Performance and Participation: Children
OT 626    Basic Case Groups
OT 628    *Basic Level 1 Fieldwork

Semester 4 (Spring)

OT 630    Scholarly Inquiry: Application
OT 631    Specialization: OT with Children
OT 635    Specialization: OT for Adults
OT 633    Environmental Intervention
OT 634    Policy and Advocacy
OT638    *Bridge Level 1 Fieldwork

Semester 5 (Summer)

OT 640    *Level 2 Fieldwork

Semester 6 (Fall)

OT 641    *Level 2 Fieldwork

* All fieldwork experiences are completed on non-campus days and during normal business hours.